Automatically lower TV sound during loud commercials


Want to adjust TV sound during loud commercials?  TechBitar shows you how to easily make an automatic volume control using Arduino:

The TV Volume Loudness Guard will listen to your TV and if the volume goes higher than a certain level, it will bring it lower.

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  1. Would have been simpler to apply compression to the signal with a dynamic range compressor and not be sensitive to any ambient noise (like people cheering)…

  2. This is a nice idea! Agree on the compressor, but in practice, many people (well, me) don’t want to mess about with the audio wires (anyway, it’s digital audio interfacing these days) at the back of the TV. This is in principle a nice stand-alone method, if it works well.

  3. bought the TVSR for 49.95. no volume fluctuations up or down, not during commercials, or when changing channels or programs – even during a program, no more loud out of control volume fluctuations.took me 3 minutes to install. love it.

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