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While circuits can’t be copyrighted, they can be patented. Mats spotted this simple undervoltage indication circuit that is supposedly covered by a patent. As always the devils are in the details, so a specific non-obvious aspect of the circuit may be the patented component. Imagine how difficult innovation would be if there were a patent war over simple stuff like this though. Ugh.

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  1. So this is a Patent Application from 2009? Was the patent awarded? A patent and a patent-award are very different things. What is the component L? I Agree, the US Patent and Trade Office is another example of Big Government failure. Couple that with the corrupt and greedy Trial Lawyers and we have – what we have…

      1. Agree or part of the battery circuit on a 787 they did not know so used a Lighter. Looks like a circuit I saw in 1976 when I started.
        Could you still buy lamps stateside in 2009? I’m always having to buy 6.3v for a customer. there is one booth in Shenzhen still has them.

  2. A simple circuit in common use should not be patentable… and I think you could find “prior art” on this type of circuit anyway. But even if it is patented, why does it matter? Does the patent prohibit construction by individuals for personal use? I think not.

    1. “Does the patent prohibit construction by individuals for personal use? I think not.”
      Legally, in the US, yes it does. But rarely does anyone prosecute for this since there is no money in it, and they would never know.

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