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Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 in PCBs by DP


Mats stumbled upon another cheap PCB fab house. The pricing and PCB limitations are comparable with Seeed and Itead. With each PCB order they offer a solder past stencil for an extra $25. We also noticed that they offer part sourcing, and PCB assembly services  even in low quantities.

Via the forum.

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  1. cubeberg says:

    Have you guys seen Elecrow?. They offer free color for the same price as iTead and Seeed. Customer service has been awesome so far as well.

  2. Gregg says:

    I noticed their system says they do 6 layer boards. That seems like a new one.

    Ian any idea if Seeed is going to do 4 layer boards any time in the future?

  3. hak8or says:

    The most interseting thing on here would be the Rigol scope. Only 300 bucks is really cheap, I wonder how bad shipping is, but if it is resonable than this might be the cheapest source for the Rigol out there, I think.

    • hak8or says:

      Oh cool beans, the cheapest shipping is only 33 bucks, and from what I see there is no taxes. 10-25 day shipping though, the better one which would be up to eight days is 60 bucks.

    • h@cked says:

      One thing to note is the model # is DS1000E vs the DS1102E that is sold here in the US. Not sure what the differences are, if any. US warranty may be an issue as well when sourced directly overseas.

  4. Jay Wilkinson says:

    For fun select a few options on the PCB screen. The math is very bad. Also just clicking and option but not changing is will sometimes but not always make the price change. I’d double check your prices if you have boards done. But I still my get a thing or 2 from them…

  5. Paul Campbell says:

    So I needed a stencil and couldn’t wait for Seeed to offer them so I figured I’d give these guys a try – my results:

    – quality is great
    – design rules are more conservative than Seeed’s – took me 2 minutes to fix my board
    – basic prices are slightly lower
    – stencil prices were much lower ($20 vs. $70) – an excellently cut steel stencil – this was for a board with a fine QFN part with stencil between the pads

    My only real down side, more of a teething issue I suspect, I couldn’t check out of their cart because it didn’t know how to ship to New Zealand – emailed their support people and we found a way to proceed

    the (smallest) stencil is giant compared with my board (2.5x5cm) – I need to panelise them myself and build 30 at a time – (time to form that coop and buy that cheap pick-and-place machine) – Smart Prototyping recommend routing a v-groove between panels for this so they can be broken apart (Seeed say don’t do it) – I like the idea of avoiding the band saw

  6. Cody says:

    I placed 2 orders on ITEAD after hearing good things. First order went through right away and turned out good. Second order (placed about a month ago now) still says “processing”. I’ve sent multiple emails to every email address I can find with them, haven’t got a single reply. I also tried to leave some feedback on their website and, of course, its awaiting “review”. It’s no wonder people only say good things on there.

    Emailed Smart Prototyping about another order and had a response withing 24 hrs to multiple questions. I’ll be using them going forward. Beware of ITEAD!

    • Carl says:

      Mitch at Hackvana is another great resource for getting boards made in China. Boards I’ve had so far are very high quality and delivery was quick.

  7. KP says:

    I stumbled upon Quick Turn Protos recently for a prototype requirement, and have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service and turn around. They operate on 5-day standard turn for 2 thru 6 layers and expedited as fast as same day are also available for a reasonable cost. for 2 layers as low as $21.00

    They also have online quoting and ordering for any full spec, complicated requirements.

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