National Instruments acquires Digilent Inc

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 in News by DP


Here’s a bit of industry news, National Instrument’s acquired Digilent Inc. Digilent is a manufacturer of educational and development boards for FPGAs, microcontrollers, and PSoCs. They were also kind enough to sponsor our latest open 7400 contest with two Analog Discovery bench tools.

National Instruments (NI) recently acquired all the outstanding shares of Digilent Inc. Digilent will operate as a wholly-owned NI subsidiary under the existing leadership at its current locations in Pullman, Washington and Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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12 Responses to “National Instruments acquires Digilent Inc”

  1. arhi says:

    very interesting news, dunno whether to be happy or sad about it

    • Overall, I think that this will be a good thing for our customers and the community at large. The general plan is for Digilent to keep doing the same things it has been doing the same way it has been doing it. I know that there aren’t going to be any significant changes in my job. I have a new title, but I’ll still be doing pretty much the same things I have been doing.

      Gene Apperson

      • Laurence Stant says:

        As an intern at NI, I think as long as it goes like Ettus did, it’s should be a great thing :)

      • Laurence Stant says:

        Apologies for the typo!

      • arhi says:

        Hey Gene, happy NY :)

        Well, lemme explainwhy I wrote not sure to be sad or happy about it .. IMO there’s no reason for this to be a bad thing cause NI is in the same market and does not AFAIK produce any special product that Digilent was making boards of (what a contraption of a sentence). If Xilinx acquired Digilent that would for sure be a bad thing as I’m sure they’d stop all work on boards with Altera … but with NI this looks like a great thing. Larger company -> better job security, more RND money, better bartering position etc etc .. so, in theory, it will be easier job for you and better products for us :)

        The other side of the medal is … well .. NI is huge, I never worked in/with NI so this is just assumption but all huge companies have huge bureaucratic machinery that slow every god damn thing down. Digilent was smal super agile company able to quickly focus on a problem, solve it and move to another one, to quickly change a complete infrastructure if needed… with NI I’m pretty sure it’s not the case… I do not know personally anyone from Digilent (reading comments from few of you here on DP :) but I can’t say I know you) but I know many ppl working for this type of agile companies and many dislike working for big machinery (Digilent vs NI) so it’s possible some would leave, some would stay but be unhappy etc etc … and all this, second paragraph, is about “sad” as all this leads to less happy products for consumers (me :D ).

        My current “story” is – I started with MySQL AB, <500ppl, small, incredibly agile company. Sun Microsystems acquired us for a billion us$ and few things only changed, we were pretty separate unit with Sun, all our infrastructure staid same, we only got few more steps to approve large spending but we also got access to large spending, new clients, many new experts in company, only few ppl left the company as they disliked the change (mostly top managers, not technical persons left) … so it was a very good thing… then Oracle purchased Sun and … well what can I say, it's totally opposite .. lot of ppl left, huge bureaucracy ..

  2. Philip says:

    Next time – NI acquires dangerous prototypes!

    • Ian says:

      Congratulations to Gene and everyone at digilent for sure!

      We couldn’t deal with a corporate culture though so I’d probably refuse to ever sell :)

      • Ian… I understand what you are saying here… This will be the first time I’ve worked for anyone but myself for about 15 years. We’ll see how it works out :)


  3. Jason Redmond says:

    I hope National Instruments doesn’t put a stop to the epic Christmas parties.

    I still miss those parties.

  4. Doug says:

    I am a big fan of Digilent’s products, as well as their low prices and open source like attitude on the chipKit line. My concern would be NI bringing the price WAY up like their other hardware offerings, and locking up all the schematics. I hope I am wrong.

  5. clpringle says:

    I have lived thru many mergers management shifts, and they ether succeeded or in a few
    casers I left. This one feels right.

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