Another tiny Linux box


Odrioid is yet another tiny board capable of running Linux or Android. It’s only 48mm x 52mm, yet it features a 1.7 GHz quad core Cortex A9 processor, the Mali-400 quad core GPU, and 2 GBs of DDR2. Unfortunately there are no GPIO pins, so interfacing with it has to be done through 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI monitor.

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  1. Has any one here had any experience ordering this or another device from this web site?
    Looking at the comments, its unclear how it might go ordering and shipping one to the USA.
    Case in point, what the actual cost might be.


  2. I’m considering buying this one. Mostly because it is quad core. Unfortunatelly Mali-400 does not support OpenCL so it does not unlock all the computation power available.

    There are no GPIO pins but they offer reasonably priced USB GPIO extension board.

    Plus they have support for eMMC.

    I actually like to see a similar product that has usable GPU (though OpenCL for example) and Gigabit Ethernet and SATA interfaces.

  3. I checked their website a few months ago. Their boards look really good, just the shipping costs additional $30. And at least in case of EU with this value of product for sure there will be additional import charges.

    1. Indeed but not for the same purpose as ODROID-U2 because it is only (or “only”) dual core.

      Besides it is more like unobtanium – there are occasional possibilities to get hold of one but I have missed all of them.

  4. With something like this, my first thought is: what kind of case will it have..? Holy Guacamole, check out the massive heatsink it bolts to, on the website!

    This is compact, in the sense an oxyacetylene flame is compact – so long as you don’t look at all the bottles and hoses providing the flame.

  5. So I risk it, I oderder one U2 with the eMMC 8G und an USB-R232-TTL Dongel.

    Are there Linux OpenGL es2.0 driver for the Board, like the Pandaboard has?

    When it arrived, i will make a video of it Compared to the other Arm-Board I have.

  6. No offence it’s nice and all but if it has no GPIO pins and it isn’t exactly dirt cheap. For random experimenting and hacking it’s cheaper to buy a used android phone that has bluetooth, wifi, screen, GSM modem, and GPS already in place… damn you don’t even need host USB to interface the phone with a microcontroller – you can use bluetooth

    ohh btw here is my custom android app that uses bluetooth to communicate with a microcontroller, really basic stuff but hey I’m proud of it ->>

  7. I have one already….


    1. No GPIO pins
    2. you must order the debugging pcb & cable, otherwise it ican be a real pain to use
    3. Crappy subminature Power connector
    4. Stupid $30usd shipping on EACh item, even SD card.. if you forget to order anything.
    5. HDMI does not work with all HDMI displays……….
    6. Stupid ‘special’ UART plug connection
    7. Absolutely NO breakout of the other signals… (it has multiple uarts on chip)

    would have been far better if they got rid of the ‘stupid’ headphone connector, and replaced with a pin header… then used the space for signal breakout.

  8. @hardcore
    so why haven’t u bought ODROID-X instead of U? It was available much earlier and has 50pin expansion port with UART/GPIO etc.
    Of course it costs more…

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