Dangerous Prototypes kits on EEVBlog #413 mailbag

Ernesto sent a few of our PCBs to the EEVblog. Dave opened them up and featured them in his latest mailbag video. The featured PCBs are:

A big thanks to Ernesto and Dave!

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  1. Yes. I saw the view today. Nice to see Part Ninja coming up well. Ian, can you let us know the tentative time lines for Part Ninja to be available at Seeed?

    1. It costs too much to manufacture IMHO so we are still working on getting it cheaper. If there is demand I could just run a batch now though.

      1. cost of parts?
        If BOM and docs are updated so it’s easy to buy the correct parts, pcb’s could be interresting for such projects also.
        Smd or not, it’s fun to solder, so i would definately buy an pcb to build it myself (or pcb+parts bag)
        (the “updated” part regarding bom etc, I’m refering to the SID there, still searching for some of the parts :) )

  2. Is that buspirate lcd adapter v4 correct?, I have an pcb from an build in the forums, and it have an chip on it, have been looking around for the BOM, but the one pointed to here does not have any chip at all..

  3. There are two one with 595 and one without. I prefer the without version made by pietja but it needs software work as well is not direct 5volt interface. In the name of getting things done sooner we just modeled it after the one for v3.

    The only bom is probably in the eagle files at this time.

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