App note: Using USB flash drives with USB host capable PICs


Here’s an app note from Microchip describing how to use USB flash devices with microcontrollers that have USB host capability. The article also provides instructions on how to use the USB OTG Configuration tool.

This document describes the USB Data Logger, Mass Storage demo application. It gives an overview of the application’s firmware, how it operates, and describes how it was  configured using the USB Configuration tool. This includes support for FAT16 and FAT32

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  1. Microchip’s stack does support long file names (now). I believe there was some difficulty/confusion about licensing the patents for LFN from Microsoft. I’m not sure of the exact circumstances that made Microchip change its mind.

  2. Thanks Matt, that’s handy to know. I heard a few good things about fatfs and it sounds as if Markus thought it was OK too, have you done anything or heard anything about how well Microchips LFN stuff works?

    1. Microchip’s LFN is fully functional– well integrated into the stack- I’ve not used fatfs so I can’t make a useful comparison.

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