TI launches real-time operating system


Texas Instruments has released a free real-time operating system (TI-RTOS) designed for their microcontroller range. They implemented TCP/IP and USB stacks, a FAT file system, and some device drivers.

The TI-RTOS’s source code is released under a license that allows you to use their code as long as you use it on their devices and don’t distribute it. Sounds a lot like the Microchip Application Library license:

…TI hereby grants to you a limited, non-transferable… non-sublicensable…license…for the sole purpose of developing object and executable versions…that execute solely and exclusively on TI Devices, for end use in Licensee Products…

TI used to be one of the better players.

Via Electronics Lab.

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  1. No, thank you.

    Seriously, why would anybody choose this over the multitudes of free RTOSes already available

  2. It’s their right, if they developed it they have the right to license it anyway they want. Anyways it’s free and their boards are cheap.

    It’s a good deal for the non-ideological hobbyists.

    1. I’m not really ideological about it, but you can’t legally even share a project with your friend or hackerspace if it uses this RTOS. That gives me a sad :(

  3. TI has actually been quite good about (re-)releasing many of their libraries in open (or at least palatable) licenses. For example, the peripheral libraries for their MSP430 and Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontrollers are licensed under a BSD-style license, as are most example codes and header files.

  4. So this is targeted at Beaglebone, Beagleboard, Pandaboard… and TI Nspire Calculator.
    Those are the only things I can think of right now, with a TI ARM Processor.

    Who makes the ARM in the HP50G ?

  5. Right now this is targeted at TIs Cortex-M4 and -M3 line (the latter one in form of their C2000 MCUs). So it is for real embedded systems – no Beagle* boards…

  6. I am not an ideologue either but I started out coding embedded work with intels iRMX and other proprietary toolchains right after university. Yeah I am that old, and I remember the dark ages when said tool chains cost a fortune and could become orphan-ware overnight. When Stallman and gnu came it took a few years but what a difference. I could have full control over my own codebase without worries – that is the issue. Like _txf_ says so many good GPL choices for cortex m3, m4 , ChiBios for instance.

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