Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB

Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2013 in Free PCBs by DP

Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v4b

We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion board service.

This week two random commenters will get a coupon code for the free PCB drawer tomorrow morning. Pick your own PCB.

You get unlimited free PCBs now – finish one and we’ll send you another!

Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times every week:

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure to use a real e-mail in the address field so we can contact you with the coupon.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month please.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.
  • PCBs are scrap and have no value, due to limited supply it is not possible to replace a board lost in the post

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124 Responses to “Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB”

  1. Andy says:

    “PCBs are scrap and have no value”… that sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one!!

  2. Chpil says:

    Any luck this time ? ;)

  3. wavo wig says:

    Does wanting help?

  4. moderboy says:

    Pick me!

  5. Martin says:

    First try…waiting in excitement=)

  6. Jeff says:

    I’ll try again. You can never have too many projects!

  7. Destate9 says:

    No better way to start a week than with a free PCB!

  8. karl Wasley says:

    would love a project for the new year!!!

  9. Hans PUFAL says:

    13 is my lucky number

  10. nato says:

    Oh me, oh, me, oh me! … Or not? : (

  11. Greg says:

    Wooo! One day I will win a free PCB! It’s my goal in life. xD

  12. TiBounise says:

    J’aime le jambon.

  13. Mati says:

    please, give it to me! :)

  14. Zaid Pirwani says:

    even in pi, there is a place when 9 comes 6 times….. so pick me… :)

  15. steve says:

    Woo hoo!

  16. Riyadh Al Nur says:

    one for me

  17. Richard says:

    Maybe this time….

  18. N'Gonka says:

    I want one.

  19. Goran says:

    Sunday again – tomorrow’s back to work after the holidays…

  20. Knight says:

    Give it a try

  21. Martin says:

    Woo hoo!

  22. Frankalicious says:


  23. Layne says:

    A PCB please!

  24. jspicer says:

    good gracious!

  25. leonardo says:

    I love it!!

  26. Ross Kerley says:

    Yay! Maybe this will be my week!

  27. Rishabh says:

    Would love to try out some prototypes !!

  28. Arnd says:

    Another sunday, another try :D

  29. Christopher Svec says:

    Looking for a new project, thanks!

  30. Anna says:

    3. 2. 1. PCB

  31. AI says:


  32. ednspace says:

    This would be a fantastic way to start out the New Year.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Camilo says:

    PCB :)

  34. f says:

    First change this year to get a nice PCB. Maybe it’ll work this time?

  35. Alecs says:

    yes please

  36. Tony Ennis says:


  37. matt says:

    me please :)

  38. Eric G says:

    Would be nice to win!

  39. Spelobot says:

    Another try.

  40. Jeff Howard says:

    Always looking for something new to play with!

  41. Brad Fortnet says:

    Pick me. I need to learn how to solder on my own for a class I’m taking so I can make use of it.

  42. JeToMad says:


  43. norbiv8 says:

    Don’t forget uncheck the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.” Once i forgot… i received a lot of e-mail :)

  44. AndThen says:

    May the RNG bless this post with it’s presence.

  45. Mike says:

    Another go :)

  46. Chris says:

    Clicked off “notify me” this time.
    I really need a generic pcb for msp solar shade opener on my greenhouse. Got the mechanics all worked out. And my micro is programmed!

  47. Ryan Press says:

    Pick me!

  48. Shane says:

    One more time!

  49. Robert says:

    that would be nice

  50. Kenton says:

    PCBs 4 life.

  51. Pipe says:

    I need more PCBs.

  52. Stephan Buchholz says:

    good day all

  53. Scott says:

    my turn yet?

  54. Bruce says:

    yes please

  55. Paul says:

    Sunday, lucky Sunday!

  56. Nial Pearce says:

    In again, is today my day?

  57. Dreamer 1 says:

    Waiting to get one…

  58. Cristian says:

    wishing for a good start in 2013 and a buspirate :)

  59. FourthDr says:

    Happy New Year! And another free PCB Sunday :-)

  60. Justin says:

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  61. Naren says:

    yet another try!

  62. Sander Baten says:

    Happy sunday everyone!

  63. SaakNeMah says:


  64. Syd Kahn says:

    Need a new project!!!

  65. Jan says:

    Would be nice for once.

  66. kmart says:

    One more try…

  67. pb says:

    Randomly choose me.

  68. Kevin says:

    Please feed my blog a free PCB

  69. WallaceIT says:

    – try –

  70. DK says:

    Random Comment….

  71. David Salter says:

    I’d love one!

  72. jeanmarc78 says:

    new attempt

  73. Danijel says:

    I wonder will that random number generator ever generate one for me :D

  74. Julio says:

    Waiting for it!

  75. Alex says:

    My first post on DP

  76. Cosmin says:


  77. Dimiter says:

    I want a PIC32 board if possible

    • Sleepwalker3 says:

      U can get any board that is in the free PCB Drawer (within your coupon range), you win a coupon and you select what you want from what is available. :)

  78. David Bley says:

    I am as random as they come.

  79. JohnT says:

    try again

  80. Kieran P says:

    I bet I won’t get one : (

  81. 8Ball says:

    Pick me!

  82. pcup says:

    isn’t it finally my turn to win?

  83. Steve says:

    Free PCB please

  84. Grant Tudor says:

    Yes please.

  85. jfmateos says:

    trying again

  86. Jeff Fleischer says:

    Oooh, I’ll try again!

  87. Callen says:

    Time for another try.

  88. Admir says:

    Me please!

  89. Kurt says:

    Heatin up the iron ……

  90. Karel Mrazek says:

    Time to try again. Hope everyone had good holidays.

  91. Chris says:

    comments, comments…

  92. Marcello says:

    My first try in 2013. Waiting a PCB.

  93. Scott W says:

    Thank you for the last one.

    How about another?

  94. David Andrews says:

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

  95. Sean says:

    Go 2013 PCB!

  96. Nils says:

    Not really-random comment inserted here!

  97. Stacy says:

    Another sunday, another try!

  98. Stephen says:

    Please may I have A FREE pcb ?

  99. Mac Bandit says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  100. brian says:

    who’s Sunday? mine or yours? because it’s still Sunday where I live….

    rolling just in case….

  101. Dan ringer says:

    Please pick me.

  102. zg says:

    ready to solder

  103. kr says:

    let’s try our chance

  104. Dave Mueller says:


  105. tduehr says:

    I’ll take a shot at one.

  106. ray smith says:

    cmon free bus pirate board….

  107. Sims says:

    Plz, i need to complete my collection! :-D

  108. Steve says:

    I’ll take one. Thanks.

  109. Darren says:

    That nokia lcd breakout doesn’t look like scrap

  110. Wm says:

    Late, but timezones ahoy.

  111. Gabor says:

    Iron ring from wood. Just send me one:)

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