More from Maker Faire Tokyo 2012

Another one for the FACEFRAME series! with Tayken. Check out lots of pictures below the fold.

Old hard drives converted into scratching turntables.

3D picture of a Korg synthesizer from  is just one of his papercraft projects  uses solenoids to turn everyday objects like sake bottles into percussive instruments

G.I.M.I.C music synthesizer board

Circuit-bent original Nintendo used as a music player

CAmiDiod-3 push-button chord generator

Geeky Handstictched NeXT motherboard from

Hand-cranked wawa “pedal”

Perpetual ball runs from nao_denha are an interesting mix of electronics and woodwork

NAmdEMO synthesizer turns slime putty into a scream generator

this will give us nightmares for sure

LED tops

Circuit bent Nintendo family computer. Insert card manipulates the sound chip to make music

Apple products sculpted in lead from

tabletop videogame with action figure interface from

leg guitar at Maker Faire Tokyo

Marshmallow launcher is triggered by a webcam that detects your smile

Animal patches from  represent different geeky themes, from PHP to sendmail

USB memory from  gives new meaning to “information overload”

We’ve covered just about everything here at Maker Faire Tokyo 2012.  Totally geeked out. Hope you enjoyed it!

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