Tokyo Maker Faire 2012: Around the Faire day 1

Posted on Saturday, December 1st, 2012 in #liveupdates, conferences, Maker Faire by DP

Food trucks outside Maker Faire Tokyo. Getting ready to cover Faire for Make mag and give a talk at 4 on open hardware.  Follow the pics live with our twitter feed, or wait for them to pop up on the blog.

More pics below the fold.

Surplus electronics and parts for sale. Never seen this at a Maker Faire before

Make glitch embroidery

Salvaged parts by the pound market: Another Maker Faire first

Don’t bother trying to play this tweet

Lots of soldering practice tables and kits this year

Sick Of Beige cases with acrylic screws, made by emerge+

We found Yoshi!

LED cos-play

gEDA CAD program patch

Pet jellyfish?

Lightbulb candles: Are they compact fluorescent?

Great way to decorate your Xmas tree this year from

I’m dreaming of an LED Christmas

Setting up the Tokyo Hackerspace table

We saw Maki from our NYC Geek Tour, here with her soldering kit

Crazy helmet arm combo

Wheelchair controlled by blinking and eye movements from Labotsune

yesterday’s coffee cup is today’s craft project (

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3 Responses to “Tokyo Maker Faire 2012: Around the Faire day 1”

  1. systemstech says:

    haha that play button got me. :)

  2. Matseng says:

    Wooo! Acrylic screws! Only the screws or was the spacers acrylic as well?

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