Stroll down Akihabara Electric Town

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 in #liveupdates, Global Geek by DP

Ian’s visiting Tokyo for this weekend’s Maker Faire. He stopped by Akihabara electric town to check out some goodies. Armed with a Japanese data SIM he was able to tweet live pictures of the stroll. More pictures below the fold.

Akihabara by night.

Tayken (via the forum) likes this shop for parts and kits.

radio center (the labyrinth) is slayed for demolition but is still around.

One of Ian’s favorite part stores. We bought flux and solder here in the video from last year.

A post will be uploaded shortly for a look inside the stores, with parts and tools we found awesome. If you’re impatient you can check out the pictures over our twitter feed.




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