Stackable 24 Channel Servo Controller

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 in dev boards by DP

Carl from SolderSplash Labs writes: We are creating a range of useful development boards to plug in to our SplashBase board

We are just finalising the design of our 24 Channel Servo Control SplashBridge.

Were using an LPC11U24, it has a built in USB Stack in ROM with a Mass storage device bootloader so updating code it as easy and dragging a hex file into a removable drive. The Cortex M0 will be controlled either via USB (HID or CDC) or SPI. We have allowed up to 5 chip select lines so that these boards can be stacked. This means you *could* control up to 120 servo’s. This board also plugs in to our SplashBase board which then allows you to control the servo’s via your network.

Via the forum.

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8 Responses to “Stackable 24 Channel Servo Controller”

  1. ken says:

    What kind of servos? PWM?

    • Carl says:

      Hi Ken,

      Yes Digital servos that accept a PWM input. 50Hz with a 1ms to 2ms pulse width, 1.5ms being the center position or stop for a continuous rotation servo.

      Our PCBs arrive tomorrow/friday, then we can start control servos over the network with our SplashBase board.

  2. Thorsten says:

    Cool project, do you have any plan what to do with such a lot servos?

    • Carl says:

      I do have a project in mind, I’ve seen quite a few crawling robots with 6/8 legs that look like fun. I have access to a laser cutter as well.

      We are also designing our own 9DOF IMU SolderBridge that will push on top of the Servo Controller. Giving us accurate orientation.


  3. Drone says:

    The Parallax Propeller has a plethora of objects that control PWM servos. A few can do 32 servos from one Propeller chip. Do a search for “servo” in the Propeller Object Exchange (ObEx) for a taste:

    Also search and/or ask a question in the Propeller forum about servo control:

    There are also Propeller objects available for USB client and host as well as FAT compatible stuff from an SDCard.

    PWM Servo control is a fine example of where a multi-processor chip like the Propeller shines.

  4. Carl says:

    Boards are now built and working! heres a short video

    • klemen says:

      So how do you control this servos? Over usb? is there some online store to buy it?

      • Carl says:

        Currently it’s controlled via SPI, if you are stacking them then using a single SPI output from a processor lets you control the whole stack.

        USB is for single board control only and drag drop firmware update.

        Our webshop is about to be launched, the production version of the servo controller is a few months away though.

        Were using our prototypes for a show demo were doing for the UK Makerfaire.

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