smARtDUINO: Open System by former ARDUINO’s manufacturer

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 in Arduino by DP

Winston writes: I have no involvement in this project, but I think it deserves to be The standard for Arduino interconnectivity

smARtDUINO support ELECTRIC IMP!!! The cheapest and easiest solution to create the Internet of the things.

smARtDUINO is the most advanced platform for the creation of electronic projects and even products.

It is the only platform that is not based on a single processor, architecture or language but, in-fact, leverages a “universal” or common platform that can be used to connect components originally developed from different companies, technologies and form factors.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Joseph Stackhouse says:

    This would be great news, except some of us have now (finally) received our smARtDUINO’s only to find the Imp interface is not yet completed unfortunately.

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