Digital LED scope (7400 late entry)

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 in oscilloscope by DP

Check out Umair’s Digital oscilloscope,  it was intended as an entry for the open 7400 Logic Competition. Unfortunately, it was entered late, and won’t be competing in the competition. We’re sorry for them, as this seems like an awesome effort.

The oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 1KiloHertz. Yet it can just show the signal applied at its terminals, it does not have a facility to measure the voltage level. The voltage can be measured using some other sort of technique.

Via the contact form.

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9 Responses to “Digital LED scope (7400 late entry)”

  1. Matseng says:

    Not only an “awesome effort” but it also looks awsomely cool. For being a digital led matrix It looks so…. analog ^_^

  2. Zaid Pirwani says:

    Awesome soldering skills and a great looking scope/display

  3. Umair Mukati says:

    Thanks for your comments

  4. tomaja says:

    Bandwidth exceeded when I try to open their original post :(
    I would really like to build this one myself…

  5. Umair Mukati says:

    I am really sorry tomaja I am working on it, and hopefully get it back soon :)

  6. Naveed says:


  7. Jaco says:

    I am speechless! This is a piece of art. Well done boet from South Africa.I can’t wait to build your project!I’ve been looking for a scope project without programming any chips, and this fits my bill 110% Again, well done and thanks for sharing your work!!!!!! :-)Shukran my friend.

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