FT311D errata: The IC doesn’t work with Android v4.1 and above

We designed a breakout board for the FT311D Android Open Accessory (AOA) ICs. We got the prototypes in our workshop, and in the free PCB drawer. Only thing missing is for FTDI to start selling them. In this waiting period we stumbled onto the errata for this IC.

There are two errors reported in the errata for the current revisions of the chip. One doesn’t enumerate the Android device properly if the device is repeatedly disconnected, and reconnected. The other is far more problematic.

The way we understand this errata, FT311D ICs will not work with Android v4.1 (and above) devices, and there is no workaround. The problem comes down to the fact that the chip was designed for the AOA v1.0 while Android 4.1 and above use AOA 2.0.

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  1. Doesn’t nexus have OTG, so you can use any usb device with them, I think most 4.1 devices have USB OTG..

  2. Between this and the recent USB-Serial chips not working properly, it seems like FTDI is dropping the ball as of late.

  3. Google really didn’t design AOA 2.0 to be backwards compatible with 1.0? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Especially considering that it doesn’t appear to be that big of an upgrade.

  4. Basicly the errata says that the AOA 2.0 devices identify themselves as 200 which it seems FTDI didn’t integrate into their chip. So it doesn’t recognize the device…

    quote from the errata

    get protocol version command from the FT311D receives 0200 whereas the FT311D device supports Android Open Accessory version 1.0.

    It’s not really googles fault that the IC goes haywire if the protocol verison it recives is different from what it want’s…

    1. Read more closely. When the PHONE asks the FTDI what version it supports, the FTDI says 2.0. But that’s a lie — the FTDI chip only supports 1.0. So it doesn’t work.

  5. Wow..giant FAIL. Pretty much makes it useless. Why bother using a chip that won’t work w/ pretty much anything released this year? :-(

    I made the mistake of ordering a breakout PCB too…I’ll have to see if I can cancel it :-P

    1. i am pretty sure ftdi will release (soon) a chip that’s pin compatible but fixes this bug so I’d say breakout is still of some use ..

      as for the recent ftdi glitches .. really no comment

  6. Does anybody have any news about FTDI’s other new usb chips?
    I designed a pcb for the FT230X basic Usb-Uart chip, but this is not orderable for a while.
    When will it be available? FTDI engineers made a big mistake?

  7. From what I can see in the errata the problem affects only chip revision 1A and 1B, but the latest revision is 1C.

    See page 1
    “The current revision of the FT311D is revision 1C, released October 2012.”

    Then page 4
    “Functional Problem: Android 4.1 OS , Errata occurs in device revision: 1A, 1B”

    FTDI cannot release this chip without fixing this issue.

  8. BTW, anyone figured out how to change “Default Mode Strings” (chapter 4.4 in datasheet)?

    “When the USB port is connected to the Android USB port, the Android platform will determine which
    application to load based on the strings read from the FT311D. These strings are configurable with a
    Windows utility: FT311Cofiguration.exe available for download from the FTDI website at …”

    How do I connect the FT311D to a computer running windows? Both the computer and FT311D are hosts, they cannot be connected?

  9. It appears that revision C of FT311D has been fixed to work for Android OS 4.1. Please refer to Product Change Notification () on Android Page http://www.ftdichip.com/Android.htm. See Section 9.1.1 of the FT311D datasheet on how to read the revision code of the chip.

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