3D Model: Soldering Iron Driver v1.5

Today’s 3D model is the recently released Soldering Iron Driver v1.5. For now we’re only selling PCBs for $7 at Seeed. The project is purely experimental, and only supported as far as the community is willing to support it. The board is through-hole only, requiring a 24V AC fused mains transformer.

The completed PCB is the heart of a soldering station, able to control several types of name-brand (and clone) soldering iron pencils. The key to this universal design is the analog front-end which is capable of reading both thermocouple and PTC temperature sensors commonly used in most soldering irons.

Check out our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board files, as well as the tutorial on how to render life like images with Kerkythea.

The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection. They are also uploaded to our SVN. You can find them inside the “art” folders in the respective project folders.

Grab a PCB from Seeed for $7.

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