7400 Competition Reminder: Entry deadline is October 31st

Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012 in 7400 contest by DP

Just a reminder to all potential entries that the deadline is October 31st. You now have less then 2 weeks to submit your entry. Good luck!

Build something that uses or abuses a logic chip and get amazing boards, tools, and other swag. The Open 7400 Logic Competition promotes awareness of the basic building blocks of modern circuits. Devious geeks ignited the computer revolution with discrete logic computers, what can you do? Details and entry form here.

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2 Responses to “7400 Competition Reminder: Entry deadline is October 31st”

  1. dieter says:

    sry to say, but your contest is not honest or not fair for all entries, as old all known projects from past are also legible to entry. like 6502 and some other big ones. they did have years before to develop. but other competitors starting from now, only had 2 months time.
    and winner is … :)

  2. dieter says:

    i am honored to say, that
    a winner is Bus Blaster version 10.0 released on pure 7400 chips, no cpld, no mcu.
    sad i was too late this year to entry, but anyway it would be almost possible to release this one on 7400 :) it would be editors choice :)

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