LED packaging overkill

Posted on Friday, October 19th, 2012 in parts by DP

Order a single surface mount LED, you expect a small “anti-static” bag with a tiny LED inside. Wrong. Here’s what Systemstech got when he ordered one. A large “anti-static” bag, with a dehumidifier bag, and a humidity sticker inside. The actual LED is the tiny black dot on the right.

Got a packaging overkill stories of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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24 Responses to “LED packaging overkill”

  1. I should have kept a photo of the 100x40x30cm box I received from Analog devices when I ordered a single LFCSP sample, a few months ago…

    filled with paper “fries”, containing a large pink pouch, containing about the same thing as what can be seen on this picture…

  2. Joe Desbonnet says:

    Easier and cheaper to have simple instructions for the packing department. “Moisture sensitive devices go into moisture proof envelope with the gel and indicator paper. Period.” Yes, it means they lose money on a few orders… but not as much as if they gave discretion to individual packers (and the QA nightmare that will ensue).

    • asdf says:

      The shipping companies also have rules regarding packaging, and anything that isn’t a standard volume “unit” may be a lot more expensive to send.

  3. kripton2035 says:

    I’ve got the same 1 meter box some years ago for 5 cypress psoc lqfp samples inside …

  4. GinPB says:

    The king of packaging overkill is Texas Instruments, giant box for 1 IC.

    • rasz says:

      Oh yeah. They love to overpay for packaging. Last time I ordered 5 free PCBs they shipped them overnight Airmail in FIVE huge separate boxes. Even funnier delivery dude showed up twise, first time with 2 boxes, and 3 more on second day. WTF TI.

      • Mikkelsen says:

        I ordered an TI MSP430 launchpad and an small boosterpack(?), capacitive one. And TI sendt me two big packages, one for each.
        Both with lot of extraas could easily been in one package.. but no..
        And if that was all.. Fedex drove TWO trips to me with one package each time, even if they arrived the same day at the Fedex facility..

    • Zdravko says:

      Yep, TI is truly the king of packaging overkill. Last time I received a sample of a TSSOP IC, it came in a box the size which might fit a whole motherboard. Inside – a lot of shredded “eco friendly” paper. Inside this mess – a hard antistatic bag. Inside the antistatic bag – a soft antistatic bag, finally containing the IC :) And somewhere in the shredded paper there is a nice note: “Thoroughly check for product”. Hah, sure, its always funny to receive something from TI :)

  5. Erik de Wit says:

    It’s like Joe says,
    this is far better than order dependent ‘rules’ and not to forget, packaging small objects in large packages reduces the posibilty the package is ‘lost’ during transport, and during internal distribution… “i think i left it on your desk..” “euhm.. no, haven’t seen it”..

  6. Chuckt says:

    Commodore computers use to come with a bag of silica gel in them but they were storing computers in a trailer. I think the company knows there is a need to keep it dry because maybe the company is storing them in less than ideal storage quarters? Places where the temperature drops and places that might be damp need these controls.

  7. Muhammad Al-Rawi says:

    Ordered a single INA333 from TI and it came in the same deal. Big box, same bag.

  8. Haley says:

    I remember I ordered a chip or 2 from Element14 last year. They notified me of the stock outage and would need some time to restock. When the chip arrives, it’s in a long box holding the long tube which the chip is in. Apparently they just left the chip in the tube and store the rest, then send me the whole packaging that’s up to my disposal.

  9. Mikkelsen says:

    Interresting packaging, at least it didn’t break inside it :)
    But I’m curious to why one would order only one led?, that had to cost a lot for shipping?

    Anyhow, Dell also have an history about shipping abuse:
    And the other day, I got an dvdrom we forgot to include in an recent laptop purchase (yes, we need it still for some customers), and I got this:
    One box for an cd (powerdvd) that’s going directly to the trashbin, and the dvdrom in an other big box.. and this was shipped through UPS..

    Green anyone?

  10. bzorg says:

    I got the Psoc software cd rom in a huge cardboard with bubles about thirty centimeters large

  11. Zeta says:

    Wish I had taken a picture almost 2 years ago I ordered some uC from the Cypress store. At the time they were offering free DVDs containing the new version of PSOC Designer and the just released PSOC Creator software, so since at the time I had a slow internet connection I said: “why not” and included them on the order.

    The ICs came in the typical small digikey box. But the DVDs came each one in a huge 120cm x 30cm x 10xcm UPS package.

    Fortunately the UPS packages came with taxes paid otherwise I wouldn´t have been so happy having to pay a lot in UPS fees.

  12. Pisami says:

    About an year ago I ordered TI MSP430 and stuff… They all came in separate boxes and some of the boxes came day after the first ones. And yes, FEDEX or something overnight… I’m student and so I have not so much time to spend on these and I don’t mind waiting for 3-4 weeks it takes from China.

  13. william faulkner says:

    I think Avnet takes the cake, they give you the whole plastic tray that is probabally 10inx24 for as little as one surface mount chip, i saved them ill try to post a pic.

  14. 8n1 says:

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. With regard to the packaging of the single surface mount LED, its probably a ‘name brand’ led that Mouser (or wherever that came from) is a franchised distributor for and they have to adhere to the manufacturer’s packing specs when breaking factory packs and reshipping components. Same thing for single chip in a tray. Mfgr says chips have to ship in tray, so even one chip ships in tray. Small stuff in big boxes? You can only inventory so many size boxes…..sometimes small things get shipped in big boxes. I see it as free packaging supplies.

    I will agree about TI though. I ordered some free bare PCBs from them about a year ago. Each board came shipped overnight in its own fedex box. 5 overnight fedex boxes and over $100 in shipping paid by TI to send me 5 little free eval boards. They could have mailed them.

  15. Chirag says:

    TI selling Bare pcb’s?

  16. kdw says:

    Yep. This kind of packaging is quite common from major component companies. I ordered two accelerometers from AVNet a while ago and here was the package I received:

  17. Ben S. Eishen says:

    Yup, Here is a tactile switch from mouser

  18. cde says:

    Remember guys, it’s Digikey that actually runs the fulfillment for TI samples.

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