Guest Review: Chipquik smd291nl no-clean tack flux

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 in tools by DP

Sheldon has been using the Chipquik SMD291NL no clean tack flux, here is his review of it:

Very tacky, can hold qfn and dfn by itself, once heated it  becomes very sticky and is hard to clean even with 91% ipa.
It works great though, have not had any problems with it not wicking solder under tight parts.

Overall it is an ok product, was meant for the chipquik remover system, but is sold by itself.

8 out of 10

Via the contact form.

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  1. erdabyz says:

    I’ve got a syringe of chipquik SMD291 without the NL. Looks like the NL means a lot because the non NL version is pretty much liquid (not tacky at all, but has some consistency) and disolves in plain deionised water leaving no residue. It barely smells and it doesn’t produce too much fumes.

    At least the non NL version is a mild flux and works very well with fresh solder for drag soldering or things like those. Also very good to solder small BGA’s. You make them float in a pool of this liquid and they self-align and get perfectly soldered. It’s not a good flux for fixing cold or bad looking joints because it’s too mild for that. I use this flux in combination with a kester 2331-zx flux pen which is strong enough to turn the ugliest looking joint into a perfect one.

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