Popular Science likes the Bus Pirate

The Bus Pirate gets a mention as one of Popular Science’s favorite advanced development tools!

This tool greatly simplifies prototyping. It can speak most common bus protocols, which allows me to play with new chips from a serial console or in software before building hardware around them

The Bus Pirate was in a great crowd. Other testing gear included a sound-pressure meter, a non-contact tachometer, and a logic analyzer. Thanks for the shout out Vin!

Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Via twitter.

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  1. An SPL meter and a non-contact tachometer? Really? Bus Pirate is an obvious choice. I think an O’scope like the DSO should have been on there. Or is that now considered basic? And I would have picked a non-contact thermometer over a tachometer.

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