RFDesign RFD900 open source RF modem

Buzz writes informing us of a new open-source radio modem recently introduced by RFDesign known as the RFD900. “It’s initial focus is telemetry for UAV’s and FPV, but it’s an amazing piece of kit, with a whopping 1 Watt power, massive range of 40km, and it’s only $89.50 per unit. (Similar closed-source units sell for $250 and upward).” Buzz reports personally using this modem with positive results.

The modem covers the 902-928 ISM band and is designed for long range serial comms. The source code for this device is available on GitHub.

Comments reviewing the RFD900 can be found on DIYdrones.

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  1. Theoretical transmission ranges always make me laugh….
    But I can sure find uses for this! Maybe I can complete my RTK GPS system with it.

    1. Well, how about empirical ones? We got a solid link at 25km between two RFD900’s at ground level (one on a mountain), definitely not line of sight. The 40km value is between ground and a UAV in the air, with line of sight. There is no reason this isn’t obtainable.

      1. great! now we are talking. I could not find much in the way of ranges for this, and was thinking too much groundbased with too many obstacles. Now I will have to order it.

      2. And we just had a report of a successful 58.5km(!) link on the standard 3dBi antennas from someone in India, which we’re very happy about.

  2. I see all the software is open source for the most part. But how about the hardware? I don’t see any schematics or pcb cad files anywhere.

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