Measuring power with INA219 and an MSP430 Launchpad

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 in MSP430 by DP

INA219 is a cool IC that measures voltage and current trough a shunt resistor, and relays the information over I2C. It provides the multiple of the two values, thus enabling easy power measurement. Opossum used it along with a Nokia 5110 LCD and a MSP430 LaunchPad to build a nice power-meter.

Via 43-oh.

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3 Responses to “Measuring power with INA219 and an MSP430 Launchpad”

  1. Destate9 says:

    I did a contract for a dude last year basically doing the same thing (except he wanted 7″ tall 7 segment displays). That was back in my arduino days, so it was just an uno, a shunt, a voltage divider (for voltage input for the arduino’s ADC), and some shift regesters. It’s neat to see that there is an IC for that!

  2. christian says:

    im interested with this sir… can you give me the codes and the papers for this? i want to use it on school…

  3. Daniel says:

    HI! can you share this project to me? i want to do it…..


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