One wire control of HD44780 LCDs

Does the minimum 6 pins needed to control an LCD give your little microcontroller a sad? In the forum we’re discussing low pin-count control methods for common HD44780 parallel displays. This one uses is a simple serial UART adapter similar to our USB and Serial LCD backpack:

Here’s a reasonably economical 1-pin Serial interface solution. It would cost a bit more compared to a 74HC595 or 74HC164 based solution but it’s smaller and it reduces host software overhead by performing the LCD initialization. For the benefit of PICBASICPRO users, you precede any command character (RS=0) with a 0xFE character. For example, send 0xFE followed by 0xC0 to set the LCD DDRAM address to line 2 tab 1.

Don’t forget you can pick up our assembled USB and serial LCD backpack at Seeed for $16.95.

Via the forum.

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