Bus Pirate v3 LCD adapter

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BP v3 LCD front.jpg

Control a HD44780, or compatible LCD with your Bus Pirate v3 and this breakout board.

Read about the design.

Available for $9.00 at Seeed Studio.



Project Summary
Name: Bus Pirate v3 LCD adapter
Buy it: Get one for $9.00 at Seeed Studio
Price: $9.00
Status: Test production
Manufacturing: Shipping
Forum: [ Bus Pirate v3 LCD adapter Forum]

Control HD44780 LCDs from the Bus Pirate with this breakout board. The Bus Pirate LCD mode uses an adapter because there aren't enough pins to control a character display. You can build it with a few chips on a bread board, or you can buy this one ready-made. Includes a short connector cable. Every sale directly supports open source development of the Bus Pirate.

  • Supports the most common HD44780 1x16 connector
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Connection indicator LED
  • Backlight connections adjustable
  • Many backlights can be dimmed
  • Compatible with Bus Pirate v3.x and v2go (all production versions)
  • Includes connector cable (Bus Pirate and LCD NOT included)
  • Uses DP6037 standard PCB footprint
  • Open source (CC-0/Public Domain)


BP v3 LCD HW.jpg



  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Software: CC-BY-SA
  • Firmware: CC-BY-SA
  • Bootloader: GPL