Arduino based line following robot

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 in Arduino by DP

Erdabyz finalized his Arduino-based line following robot. The design is open source and you can download the project files in the forum. He has 20 board which he’d sell for $3.5 +shipping.

Via the forum.

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5 Responses to “Arduino based line following robot”

  1. erdabyz says:

    Just to clarify: the price would be 3,5€ +shipping, not $. That’s cost price +0,10€. If shipping costs are less than 1,50€ then the price would be 5€ shipped. And they are only for sale if and only if the buyer can somehow demostrate that he has the required equipment and skills to build at least most of it. I mean, this is not exactly a sale, this is a favor for people who are really commited to build one.
    Please note that buying parts in bulk to make 30 robots, the cost for each fully assembled robot is about 85-90€. If you just wanna build one the cost would be about 110€. Mechanical parts are uber expensive…

  2. alfat says:

    tolong ajarin aku om.. di mana tempatnya

  3. alfat says:

    tolong ajarin aku di mna tempatnya…….

  4. raffy says:

    what is this name of robot,,

  5. hema says:

    i dont understand ur language ya

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