Microchip getting ready to release long awaited PIC18FX550 replacements

Two new future product pages popped up on Microchip’s site, the PIC18F45K50 and PIC18F25K50. These are pin, and probably register, compatible replacements for PIC18F4550, and PIC18F2550, which are Microchip’s most powerful 5V USB devices.

One thing we noticed is that the new PICs have high-precision self tuning oscillators, thus removing the need for crystals in USB operations, giving you 2 more pins to play with. The new devices are also expected to have more ADC channels, a 5bit DAC peripheral, two 16bit timers instead of one, and a Charge Time Measurement Unit. Other devices from the K series feature interrupt-on-change on most pins, but this hasn’t been specifically mentioned yet.

If the past is anything to go by, the K versions should be cheaper than the parts they replace. This will be very welcome, since the PIC18Fx550 parts are quite expensive compared to similar PIC24F, and PIC32 3.3V USB devices.

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  1. There is also the PIC18F24K50 with half the code space of the above parts. Interestingly there is no mention of an equivalent 40/44-pin 18F44K50 in any of the sources that specify the other parts.

  2. Yeap, 11 interrupt on change pins. It is there in the .INC file.

    ;—– IOCB Bits —————————————————–
    IOCB4 EQU H’0004′
    IOCB5 EQU H’0005′
    IOCB6 EQU H’0006′
    IOCB7 EQU H’0007′

    ;—– IOCC Bits —————————————————–
    IOCC0 EQU H’0000′
    IOCC1 EQU H’0001′
    IOCC2 EQU H’0002′
    IOCC4 EQU H’0004′
    IOCC5 EQU H’0005′
    IOCC6 EQU H’0006′
    IOCC7 EQU H’0007′

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