MegunoLink tools talk to serial port devices

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 in software, tutorials by DP

 MegunoLink is a utility to create a communication link between PCs and serial port devices such as the Arduino

… useful tools that interact with an Arduino-style board (or other MCU with serial data). The software is called MegunoLink, from BlueLeafSoftware in New Zealand. Megunolink has many useful features, and we’ll run through them briefly in this article. They include:

  • Serial port monitoring – that doesn’t reset the MCU
  • The ability to capture serial port data to a text file
  • A tool to graph formatted data sent from the Arduino in real time
  • “George” the serial monkey! (see below)
  • Enable building Arduino projects using ATMEL AVRstudio
  • And Megunolink can also act as a graphical interface for AVRdude to upload compiled code to an Arduino
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  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for the mention. Were proud of MegunoLink and hope it aids the development of many future projects. The plotting tool is especially useful. Dead simple to use and extremely functional.

    If you use and love the tool like we do please consider a donation.


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