Visualize and analyzing serial data in real time

SerialChart is an open source Windows app for charting incoming data over the serial port in real time.

The incoming data should be in CSV format, with each point on a separate line. The first value in the data stream should be the horizontal coordinate, a comma, then the vertical coordinates and a line feed.

Via Electronics-Lab.

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  1. Exactly what I have been looking for! Sure beats capturing in terminal, pastin into excel and plotting.

  2. Are you aware of KST? Open source, cross-platform (I have only used it on WinXP) and very powerful functions. The UI takes a bit of getting used to it, but I use it every day at work and it is great. It can also do real-time plotting from a CSV file being updated.

    1. This also looks interesting. I was about to comment on it needing KDE, but then in the small print it says it can also run without it. Even better!

      1. Yes, self-contained and I installed it like any other Windows app, did not need to know anything about KDE. Did need to learn the somewhat quirky UI. But it does a lot of stuff, that Excel would completely choke on. Plotting a million data points- no problem!

      1. It seems the accepted way to do this is to pipe the serial data to a file, then point Kst at it – it updates as the file changes.

  3. Superior tool!
    Used it today for 24bit ADC signal visualisation. Perfectly visualize all horible noise coming from high res. ADC :-)

  4. It doesn’t seem to like high-numbered serial ports. Apart from that, it looks like a nice tool for fast data graphing, although now that I’ve seen Kst I’ll probably go with that.

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