STM32 ARM breakout board with Ethernet PHY

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 in ARM by DP

Mikro Elektornika is selling STM32 ARM breakout boards with Ethernet PHY for a reasonable price of $24. While they are intended as replaceable MCU cards for their EasyMX PRO v7 development board, you can also buy them standalone and develop your project around them. They come with either STM32F107, STM32F207, or STM32F407 processors, or as unpopulated boards.

Via the forum.

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7 Responses to “STM32 ARM breakout board with Ethernet PHY”

  1. Drone says:

    Hmmm… $24 for just a breakout board? The base main board this breakout plugs into is an additional $170, then you need to buy an Ethernet daughter card. Pfft…

    The STM32FDiscovery board is only $15 bucks and includes the V2 programmer, the 168 MHz STM32F407VGT6 micro, and a lot more on board.

    For either of these boards, you still need a Ethernet PHY chip and magnetics. The STM32F chips is a good candidate for 10/100 Ethernet due to memory size, speed, 32 bit width, and native support of both MII and RMII.

    There are some documents on the ST site about doing Ethernet. The Appendix in the STM32F data sheet discusses Ethernet physical interfacing. ST mentions something called the lwIP TCP/IP stack, but I know nothing more about that at the moment. I know of no other stack out there, not that there aren’t any, I just haven’t looked.

    • Filip says:

      I think these board feature Ethernet PHY IC..It’s the small chip a little to the top and left from the main CPU.. the board’ doesn’t have magnetics or the Ethernet jack..

      • Drone says:

        @Filip, You might be right. I need to try and find the schematic for the breakout board. I see there are several versions of the breakout board, two are “Ehternet” but only the boards not populated it seems. After looking at he schematic for the mail board that is supposed to take the breakout board, I see no PHY chip. Hmmm…

        Thanks for picking this up… David

      • rich says:

        The schematic can be found in the manual for the card.

        Even if you wanted to add the Ethernet physical interface to the STM32f4discovery board, the conflicts that exist with other peripheral on the card make it difficult. For demo purposes the Discovery board is great, but for use it in a custom application the EasyMx board is a far better solution.

  2. ecu-1 says:

    You guys should check out the Launchpad Ethernet BoosterPack. I’m unsure how much it will retail for but according to the creator it is ~$15. Coupled with the Launchpad, it would be under $20.

    • Drone says:

      @ecu-1, I don’t follow the 430 part as much as I should, but I’m pretty-sure with the STM32F processors were taking about a completely different animal compared with the 430’s. Please look at the ST data sheets; especially for the versions that run at 168 MHz.

      • ecu-1 says:

        @Drone. You are right. The MSP does not have an onboard PHY. Also does not have all the peripherals that the STM32 has, but the shield does have the Wiznet chip and associated magnetics. All that is needed is a SPI channel to communicate with the STM32

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