OHS 2012 poster proposal: Get your stuff made: open hardware manufacturing

Posted on Thursday, May 31st, 2012 in conferences by DP

Open Hardware Summit talk, poster, and demo proposals are due today. As always, we post our conference applications to give you an inside look and a template for your own submissions.

We want a backup if the USB vendor ID proposal isn’t accepted, so we submitted the ‘Get your stuff made‘ presentation as a poster. It’s always fun to talk to people about their projects and how to get them manufactured.

Type of submission: poster

Title: Get your stuff made: four approaches to open hardware manufacturing

There’s lots of talented people who don’t etch PCBs or solder surface mount parts, but who are eager to apply their skills to open hardware projects. Manufacturing a project puts it in the hands of firmware, software, and documentation developers who make a sizable and unique contribution when given the opportunity.

This poster details the major ways open hardware is being manufactured today, including:
1. Licensing to manufacturers
2. Manufacturing fulfillment, full outsourcing
3. Contract assembly
4. In-house DIY assembly

For each approach we show the breakdown of responsibilities, and compare the level of involvement from full outsourcing to the garage assembly line. (please see attached image from a recent presentation on the topic)

Bio: Ian builds a new open hardware project every month at Copies of the projects are available from Seeed Studio’s open hardware manufacturing service.

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