Flexible 3D printing material from Shapeways

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 in 3D fabrication by DP

Shapeways sent an email blast about new flexible 3D printing materials:

We just launched our first fully flexible material for 3D printing. This is our only material that is made to bend, and from what we can tell, the only highly flexible 3D printed material accessible for everyone.

Elasto Plastic is still experimental, so put on your lab coat, check out the design rules and start playing!

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7 Responses to “Flexible 3D printing material from Shapeways”

  1. arhi says:

    super cool, now we can design protective coating for our devices :)

  2. PSmith says:

    If only they would offer more shipping options.

  3. Duann says:

    Hey PSmith, we have looked into other shipping options but the price would usually end up similar or higher unless we have no tracking which can quickly get problematic.

  4. arhi says:

    I could not find any info on the material. Is this some thermoplast based on PLA or is based on PP, or maybe Nylon? Would be good to know the properties (I’d like to know the exact recipe but knowing the base material is enough)

  5. Duann says:

    The base material is nylon, you can get more info here.

    • arhi says:

      Nylon, interesting, very interesting, it can survive 150C short term probably and 100C long term? I see 178C is the melting temp (so Tg is probably there around 150?) … Thanks for sharing the info (I seen all the data already but I missed the nylon).

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