Soldering Iron Driver v1.5 built with a DIY PCB

Download the source files from our SVN, mask the copper layer with toner-transfer, or UV exposure method, and etch the board with some acid. Once complete you’ll have your very own home-built Soldering Iron Driver v1.5. This is what Alex has done, and so far he seems happy with it.

Ok, here is a pic of it. Yes, i am crazy to have soldered it double sided, and it looks strange, but could not wait.

Via the forum.

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  1. I like the hacked together look of the thing. Did somebody already make the chicken or egg first paradox joke about the Soldering Iron driver? For version 1.5 you could of course use a V1.0 Soldering iron driver to power the soldering iron to solder the V1.5 version. But what about the V1.0 version???

    1. Well the v1 got sidelined, there is no firmware for it, and there doesn’t look like there will be any in the foreseeable future…

  2. Very nice project and good job.
    I waiting for PCB to be for sale…….
    Can i order directly from Seeds ?

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