3D Model: MMA7455L breakout board

Our latest 3D model is the MMA7455L breakout Board. This project lets you get familiar with the MMA7455L 3-axis accelerometer that comes in the hard to solder LGA package. We use it in our USB POV Toy.

Check out our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board files, as well as the tutorial on how to render life like images with Kerkythea.

The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection. They are also uploaded to our SVN. You can find them inside the “art” folders in the respective project folders.

Get one for $15 at Seeed Studio

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  1. The link for ‘MMA7455L breakout Board’ is pointing to the wrong thing, it goes to Microchip TQFP-100

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