Using the FT2232H bit bang mode

What to learn more about controlling the common FTDI FT232 and FT2232 chips from a PC? Daniel shows how to drive a shift register with the FT2232H breakout board under Linux. This basic app can expand to control large projects that need lots of computer scripted outputs.

Control an 8bit shift register over 3 pins from an FT2232H device: DATA, CLOCK, LATCH. Whilst LATCH is low, high/low DATA and CLOCK 8 times, then raise LATCH to high – pins change state.

Get a FT2232H Breakout Board for $30 shipped.

Via the forum.

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  1. I love those FTDI chips. Recently got one of those boards to try the FT2232H, never tried that beast yet :(
    However, I thing that using the FT2232H for the discussed bit-bang mode here would be an overkill, as it could be done with it’s small sister FT232RL. Also, FT2232H has a MPSSE, so it might have been more elegant to use the real SPI library!

    One more thing to mention, I really liked the HaD article about the subject.

  2. there is now a bunch of new asortment FTDI chips available. look for
    FT200X, 201X, 220X, 221X, 230X, 231X, 240X (each suitable for certain purposes).
    smaller pincount, no need for external crystal and very cheap – just perfect :)

    those ofcourse are not comparable with FT223H, which does highspeed 480mbps usb and all functions inside one chip.
    new ones “must be” used instead of old ft232, ft245

    1. Not really, FTxxxR series is still relevant, as they provide 5.0 V IO lines, while the FT-X series doesn’t.

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