PCB review Tuesday videos coming

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 in PCB Review by DP

Starting next week we’re going to try a new weekly feature called PCB review Tuesday. In a five minute video we’ll look at a PCB and talk about what we would change before producing the board.

PCB routing is an art. There’s lots of styles, and ours isn’t the right one or the best. Our goal is to start a dialog that helps everyone make better PCBs.

If you would like to have your board reviewed next week, please post the Cadsoft Eagle files in the forum.

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7 Responses to “PCB review Tuesday videos coming”

  1. Philip says:

    how do i place rounded edges? to my eagle designs?

    • Arup says:

      1. Draw in the 20.dimensions layer the curves manually,
      or 2. Use dp_devices.lbr and you’ll get multiple sizes predefined board outlines.

    • vimark says:

      Yes, as Arup says use the dimension layer and draw an arc. Warning though Arc command in eagle is very tricky and I’m not comfortable using it. One trick is to draw a line (wire command) in ‘Dimension layer’ and connect the two end points of your desired curve after that use the properties command and change the opening angle value on the ‘Curve’ properties this will bend the line(wire) and create a curve, you can state the direction of the opening by using – or + curve values.

  2. Oliver says:

    PCB Reviews tuesday’s? Matches teardown tuesdays over at eevblog! PCB Reviews Thursdays does sound better though :p

  3. Conn Clark says:

    In general its best to _try_ and keep vias out from underneath chips. When they are under a part radiated heat and hot air are impeded and thus they are not heated up. When this happens vias can act like a heat sink creating cold solder joints in some cases. If you are going to place one under a chip its best that the connecting trace between the pin and via _not_ be as short as possible.

    Often you can adjust your reflow process to compensate for this by increasing the heat or increasing the exposure time but it is more stressful on the components. IF your just doing a few PCBs of this a little rework isn’t much of a problem, however for a production run board IMHO it is best to try and minimize potential problems through layout.

  4. I’ve found it best to mask vias.. (in eagle pcb see edit->design rules->masks. Set limit to the smallest via you *don’t* want masked. 9999mil works for me..

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