Control your Bus Pirate with an Android Tablet

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 in Android, Bus Pirate by DP

N3mesys successfully controlled the Bus Pirate with an Android Tablet using the USB Serial Monitor app. This software lets Android enabled devices connect to FTDI USB-to-serial chips. The FT232RL and FT230X ICs are supported, so this works with older Arduinos and lots of other stuff with the common USB-to-serial chip.

The only thing you need is a little app from the Google AppStore that is called < Android USB Serial Monitor > (the lite version works fine for me). I don’t know if it works with other tablets with USB-Host function but my Archos works very very well. I have only tested the PWM and Servo test functionality and I have to say its so nice to have the great abilitys of the wonderful BusPirate on the go.

Via the forum.

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6 Responses to “Control your Bus Pirate with an Android Tablet”

    • Ian says:

      Nice, it’s open source, even better!

      • zhivko says:

        Sourcode is not actually a latest usb serial lite version that you can find on Android playstore.
        When I compiled it – settings (or preferences) are not visible and therefore couldn’t be changed (baudrate, …)

      • zhivko says:

        OK feel like a lame here, right GIT code is under git://

        Needed to modify line:
        // if(!getWindow().hasFeature(Window.FEATURE_ACTION_BAR)) {
        // requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE);
        // }
        to show menu. Otherwise menu was not visible.
        Hope it will help someone – now it works :)

  1. unicas says:

    I’m trying to use a “Bus pirate v3.6” based on FT232RL with a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (Android 4.0.3) but it seems doesn’t work.

    I try to connect the board:
    – directly with the tablet by means of a usb cable;
    – obtaining the power supply from a PC and connecting the data wire to the tablet.

    but any attempt is failed (no led are switched on and no connection are available from “Android USB Serial Monitor”.

    Could you help me suggesting the correct connection schema?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. James Newton says:

    You may be interested in this DroidScript app which I wrote to help humans talk to the BusPirate from Android devices.

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