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  1. Hmmm, at the homepage:

    Google translate says this:

    * Breadboard and schematic editor
    * Integrated component and icon editor for creating icons and components on the fly
    * Component and symbol library with more than 300 different components and symbols
    * Editing the layout of the front or rear (mirrored with pads)
    * Any number of layers with adjustable transparency
    * Generator for schedules
    * User-definable platinum background

    The video only shows manual board layout for an LED and one resistor. Does this application actually capture a schematic then allow you to route the schematic to a perf-board, then do a rules check? I don’t have time to install and play right now – maybe someone else knows the answers.

    Also this looks like although it is Java, it needs a full install in Windows. Any find a way to run this in Windows as a portable application?

  2. Hi everybody,

    I just stumpled upon this site.

    I am the author of the program above and should mention a few things:

    Although the Blackboard site is in german, the program is translated 100% in english. So if your locale is set to EN, BlackBoard starts in english. If that doesn’t work, simply look inside the BlackBoard.jar (which is actually a zip file) and set the “language” property inside the file “” to “en” instead of “default”. Hope that helps.

    I plan to translate the site too in a few weeks. The latest versions from 1.0 beta to 1.0.rc2 contain a complete Win32 java runtime, so they should run almost on every Windows machine.

    For linux you must have a JRE installed. To start the program, run the shell script.

  3. Ah and I forgot:

    Blackboard currently does not support any routing from schematic to board, you have to do it by yourself. This feature is scheduled for version 2.0. ;)

  4. The author’s site is now at

    There’s a new version for Windows there that does seem to run on JRE 1.8.

    The splash screem gets stuck on LoadingModule SimulatorProvider. I don’t have any simulators so that would make sense. But otherwise everything does seem to work. I’m happy!

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