Using SketchUp and Kerkythea to make lifelike project renderings

MrLaw used our 3D modeling and rendering tutorials to render an image of his project. The image to the left was done using the Kerkythea plugin for SketchUp, and the image on the right is the real board. Kerkythea is more complicated then the Maxwell Studio plugin, but provides overall better results.

Would like to say thanks for the tutorials on the 3D rendering, its great to see the more realistic views of the circuit boards and components. I have had a play around with the Maxwell render, then the Kerkythea renderer, i am liking the Kerkythea slightly better from a usage and rendering perspective.

You can check out our tutorials, on building 3D models in Google Sketchup, as well as rendering them in either Maxwell, or Kerkythea.

Via the forum.

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