STM32 (ARM Cortex M0) free seminar by ST Micro

ST micro is organizing free seminars in North America, about their STM32 F0 (ARM Cortex M0) microcontrollers. All attendees will receive a free STM32 F0 Discovery Kit. Check out the seminar schedule below.

Vancouver 5/16/2012
Seattle 5/17/2012
Santa Clara 5/22/2012
Cleveland 5/22/2012
Dallas 5/29/2012
Montreal 5/29/2012
Toronto 5/31/2012
Chicago 6/5/2012
Atlanta 6/5/2012
Minneapolis 6/7/2012
Orlando 6/7/2012
Orange County 6/12/2012
San Diego 6/14/2012
Boston 6/19/2012
Philadelphia 6/21/2012
Phoenix 6/28/2012

Via the forum. Thanks Bearmos!

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  1. That is excellent information, I will have to continue trying to register for the Orlando seminar… that could be super cool!

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