STM32 (ARM Cortex M0) free seminar by ST Micro

Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2012 in dev boards, talks by DP

ST micro is organizing free seminars in North America, about their STM32 F0 (ARM Cortex M0) microcontrollers. All attendees will receive a free STM32 F0 Discovery Kit. Check out the seminar schedule below.

Vancouver 5/16/2012
Seattle 5/17/2012
Santa Clara 5/22/2012
Cleveland 5/22/2012
Dallas 5/29/2012
Montreal 5/29/2012
Toronto 5/31/2012
Chicago 6/5/2012
Atlanta 6/5/2012
Minneapolis 6/7/2012
Orlando 6/7/2012
Orange County 6/12/2012
San Diego 6/14/2012
Boston 6/19/2012
Philadelphia 6/21/2012
Phoenix 6/28/2012

Via the forum. Thanks Bearmos!

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9 Responses to “STM32 (ARM Cortex M0) free seminar by ST Micro”

  1. Kevin says:

    That is excellent information, I will have to continue trying to register for the Orlando seminar… that could be super cool!

  2. Chuckt says:

    Unfortunately you have to have a company name to register :(

  3. bearmos says:

    I was wondering why the forum thread suddenly had some action :). BTW, much nicer pick of the dev boards than what I found ;-)

  4. Chuckt says:

    I’ve found a lot of relevant blog posts from this blog. This blog has a lot of good examples regarding the STM line:

  5. Drone says:

    They’ll probably give you free lunch – and a crippled IDE too!

  6. bearmos says:

    here’s a link on how to setup a free toolchain from the site Chuckt provided: I’m sure there are many others out there (DP may have even covered one in the past – not sure).

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