Update on the Little Wire AVR programmer

Little Wire is a ATtiny-based open source AVR programer, we wrote about it previously. This project should soon be available at Seeed Studio in kit form.  Here are some updates since our last post:

I finished the C and C++ libraries. I created examples for C and C++ , doxygenreference page for C++, documented and tested everything. Still there can be some problems but i guess these two are ready to go : )I also just have finished the Processing library. I commited to the GitHub with all the sources. SPI and I2C funtions haven’t been implemented on that library but i will add the support soon. Also, there are examples for the Processing library.

I also added a power indicator LED. LED is good :)

Little wire is a ATtiny-based open source AVR programer packed full of features:

  • An AVR programer
  • Four digital GPIO pins
  • ADC with 10 bit resolution
  • Two parallel hardware PWM outputs
  • An USB interface
  • A SPI interface

Via the forum.

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