Infrared thermopile sensor TMP006 breakout free PCB build

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2012 in builds by DP

Juan posted a video of his free infrared thermopile sensor TMP006 breakout board build. These board breakout the TMP006 non contact temperature sensor that comes in a hard-to solder BGA package.

If you build a free PCB we’ll send you another one! Blog about it, post a picture on Flicker, whatever – we’ll send you a coupon code for the free PCB drawer.

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9 Responses to “Infrared thermopile sensor TMP006 breakout free PCB build”

  1. Bill Dreschel says:

    This is awesome. I was just looking for a really small non-contact temperature sensor for a veterinary application. I am thinking I will need to mount this little bugger on a flex. Do you guys have any recommendations for a reasonably priced flex house… don’t really need fine lines or microvias.
    Thanks again.

  2. Mario Peiris says:

    Anyone know where to purchase a brekout for TMP006 ?
    thanks in advance.

  3. David says:

    Is there any updates on the availability of these TMP006 breakout boards?

    • Ian says:

      I backed off of this because I wasn’t sure how useful it is without the proper lens system. Are you interested in a bare breakout board?

  4. David says:

    Yeah, I for one would really like the opportunity to get some break out boards as otherwise it’s pretty much impossible for ordinary people to utilise the TMP006.

    Having said that I never really considered the lack of lens/optics… I assumed it would work ‘reasonably’ well without one for closeup objects – the original scenarios was for the TMP006 to only be 0.5-1cm away from the object being measured but not actually able to be physically connected to a regular temp sensor.

    Considering the low rate of success of soldering (I understand 2/5 boards) I for one would be interested in trying my luck with a few bare boards if thats possible..

  5. leximgton says:

    Does anyone have some code to convert V-Object into temperature ?

    I dont need it to be fanomanaly accurate,
    but I have searched 30 or more websights, and no V-Object conversion code.

    BTW I have managed to read out DIE remperature,
    and serial number.


  6. Akshat says:

    I’m interested in buying the bare breakout board for TMP006 if it’s still available. Is it ?

  7. phong says:

    i have a module TMP006_breakout_v1
    During the soldering process I’m afraid it fails
    I have to check how?
    I only have a multimeter watch!
    help me

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