App note: Analog and digital conversion handbook

Ultrasounder let us know about this free online data conversion handbook from Analog Devices. It covers everything you’ll need to get started with analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. It’s not just reference designs, but also theory on how various architectures function.

The Data Conversion Handbook, edited by Walt KesterĀ  (Newnes, 2005), is written for design engineers who routinely use data converters and related circuitry. Comprising Data Converter History, Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems, Data Converter Architectures, Data Converter Process Technology, Testing Data Converters, Interfacing to Data Converters, Data Converter Support Circuits, Data Converter Applications, and Hardware Design Techniques, it may be the ultimate expression of product “augmentation” as it relates to data converters. The last chapter discusses practical issues, including common pitfalls and solutions related to the non-ideal properties of passive components.

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