Box of new PCBs

A box of PCBs just arrived from Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB service. This batch includes:

PIC TQFP-100 BB v2, Bus Pirate Demo Board, Programmable dummy load, and Soldering Iron Driver v1.5 are available now in the free PCB drawer.

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  1. I hope my free pcb arrives in time so I can get another code for one of these awesome boards.
    there are others boards that should come?

  2. Can’t wait to get my current free PCB so that I can build it and get a coupon to hopefully snap a soldering iron PCB before they are gone.

  3. The Bus Pirate Demo Board looks pretty cool. Reading up on it and viewing one of Ian’s videos from December, it used to have 1-wire on it but I don’t see any sign of it on this V5 board. Is it gone?

      1. Ah, that’s what I thought might have happened. Too bad.

        I guess it’s pretty easy for someone to just put a DS18S20 on a breadboard and hook the ground and signal/power wires to the Bus Pirate. If you were going to skip one protocol from the demo board, that’d be the one to lose.

  4. I think the word programmable contradicts the word dummy. Maybe it should be a Smart Load or SmartLoad.

  5. Ohh God! I was looking for the “PIC TQFP-100 breakout board V2” but it was out of stock, so I ordered the “PIC18F2550 board”, maybe the next time I can put my hands of one of these boards!

  6. What about adding in a pad for a smd thermisistor on the demo board. Someone can still code their own 1 wire sensors and use the undefined communication mode setting if they want too. Using pin select you could change between the external ADC and the temperature sensor if the pin count still allows that. The sensor might not be as accurate but at least you could get some kind of random feedback that is relatable to real life from the demo board

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