PlayStation 2 controller Arduino library

Bill developed an Arduino library for PlayStation 2 controllers:

I had to rewrite a lot of code that powers the library, there is not much left of the original code written by Shutter of Arduino forums. There were many bug fixes, now the controller should automatically be in analog mode, and the mode button should be locked. There’s also a catch to make sure not to much time has past since the last controller reading. If there was, it will configure the controller again, in case it timed out.

Via Mecharobotics.

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  1. Bill is a SHARP guy. He does a lot over at society of robots ( and a few other places known for electronics enthusiasts and robotics. He does a lot related to STEM (science technology engineering mathematics – typically grade school and high school) outreach. I would not be surprised if there aren’t quite a few other good tutorials out by Bill. He even does a stage show related to this stuff ( He inspired me to take on some volunteer projects of my own.

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