Arduino WiFi RGB Ikea lamp mod

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 in Arduino by DP

Open Electronics built an Ikea lamp mod using an Arduino with a WiFi shield, and a custom RGB LED driver shield. The mod allows people to to change the color and intensity of the lamp by accessing it’s web page.

The system that we propose is based on the Arduino UNO, on which are mounted two shield: the Ethernet or WIFI Shield, which provides the connection to LAN, and the RGB shield which mounts three power drivers to control the LED strip.

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5 Responses to “Arduino WiFi RGB Ikea lamp mod”

  1. Shadyman says:

    Arduino WiFi RPG Ikea lamp mod?

    And here I thought we’d be seeing either some wifi Arduino grenade lamps or some Zelda lamps ;)

  2. Nate River says:

    Oh, nice troll, was looking forward some russian weaponry :p

    Arduino powered RPG for the win.

  3. Bithead942 says:

    Can you please share the specs of the series LED lights you used?

  4. Nicolas says:

    hi, i found your video as i was looking for something else, i’m looking for someone who can help us, we got issue ith a wifi/arduino device that we are bulding, we need help, we can pay :)
    please contact me n.sosnowiez at atafotostudio dot com if you have time to help.

  5. nyquistfreq says:

    Nice ;-)

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