The “MOTHER” of all hackerspace automation systems

Jonathan of LVL1 Hackerspace informs us of their latest project. “MOTHER is LVL1’s attempt to create the ultimate hackerspace A.I. and automation system. The MOTHER project is still in it’s early stages yet MOTHER has already gained the ability to monitor and control a MASSIVE numbers of sensors as well as become a central integration point for various systems around the space. Technically speaking, MOTHER is the collection of numerous scripts, written in various languages, allowing numerous systems and devices to work together as one unified system.”

Its capabilities include monitoring of LVL1 Space Occupancy & Zone Occupancy, “Hacktivity Levels” of each Zone, individual member occupancy, various “Nagging” notifications (regarding trash removal, thermostat settings, etc.), individualized audio and light settings, data logging, voice recognition, and much more.

The current MOTHER system uses a complete mixture of open source, commercial, and custom software. (Rumor has it that the MOTHER project may be leading to the development of a fully open-sourced Automation Platform also consisting of Open Hardware design.)

In its present form the project is technically an automation system, based on an elaborate network of if/then logic based on sensor input. However the LVL1 crew hopes to develop the capabilities to the point of having a true AI system.

Go to the LVL1 Hackerspace site for the full project description.

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  1. When the article about MOTHER went up on Hack-a-Day, MOTHER detected it and posted a notice to our LVL1 mailing list congratulating us and put the space into “Giga Womp” mode, complete with lazzors, flashing lights, and dubstep. Not to be outdone, one of our members is working on FATHER, whose sole role is to annoy and disrupt MOTHER.

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