Free PCBs for pictures of PCB errors

We’re writing a new tutorial on PCB manufacturing, and we’d like to add pictures of common PCB manufacturing errors. We’ll give out free PCB coupons in exchange for open source licensed images (limit 4).

Here’s the examples we need, the first two are the most important right now:

  • via alignment problem (drill not centered in via copper)
  • missing traces (over etching)
  • shorts (under etching, as shown above)

Image by Sebastian: CC BY-SA

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      1. OOoh its ok.. just got ALOT of miss developed/missetched/over etched and even reversed PCBs here.

        One time my project was worth P300 but the total damages on PCBs went up to 1000+ :P

  1. Do they have to be professionally made PCBs? I have a bunch that I’ve etched, but I’m not sure if that is what you want?

  2. Is this specifically only PCB manufacturing or PCB(A) / CCA (printed circuit board assembly / circuit card assembly) manufacturing?

    If it’s PCBA, then the image you have above is also a good example of too much solder being used, which can usually be tracked down to a stencil that is too thick ;-) (or hand assembly of course).

    Also, maybe create a forum topic for this so people can dump their images there?

  3. I know it isn’t a priority manufacturing problem, but here is a picture of a missing silkscreen layer.
    One of the 10 or 12 boards I got from Iteadstudio was missing the top silkscreen layer. Most if not all the vias are also off center, but not to the point of breaking anything.

    1. The spam filter is aggravated by the links to my picture (of a PCB with a missing silkscreen layer and off-center vias)..

      I’m posting it as my website, so click my name (loxodes) above this post to see the picture..

    1. I found 3 more PCBs with errors in my testing last night. One had 2 traces touching. Another had a trace that had a tiny disconnect in it. The third had a via that didn’t go through. Annoying!!!

  4. Ah, I’m going to have to miss out on this. I get all my boards 100% e-tested, and have only ever used one of PCBCart, Seeed, or iTead, All have been excellent, and I have no examples of bad boards with any of them.

    From memory, iTead and Seeed use the same manufacturer?

    Make sure to add those two to the list of manufacturers. For a hobbiest who can wait a couple of weeks for boards, they have excellent service at a top rate price.

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