How long does it take to get your PCBs?

We’re writing a new tutorial on PCB manufacturing, and we’d like to include a table of approximate turn-around times for popular 2-layer PCB services. If you’ve ordered PCBs in the past we could use your help.

  • Who made the PCB?
  • How long did it take to process?
  • How long did it take to ship to you?
  • Any special notes: non-US address, non-typical finishes, etc.

We’re especially interested in the common hobby services like DorkBotPBX, BatchPCB, Seeed Studio, and Itead. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Update: We could also really use (open source) images with examples of:

  • via alignment problem (drill not centered in via copper)
  • shorts (two traces under etched, still connected)
  • missing traces (over etching)

If you provide your own example image and license it CC BY-SA we’ll give you a free PCB code (first three only please).

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  1. PCB service- SeeedStudio (100x200mm 2 Layers)
    Processing – 2 or 3 days
    Shipping – about 75 days (shipment to Brazil)

    I took the lowest cost shipping, that’s the reason of all that waiting.

  2. My last 2 orders at DorkBotPDX took full 14 days till delivery. I’m in the EU btw. (not Italy). I guesstimate 75% of the time was due to customs delay. I seem to have ‘special’ friends there.

    Typical orders at SeeedStudio / IteadStudio take about 3 weeks to get to me. Unless they get delayed by excessive new year celebrations…

  3. DorkBotPDX orders usually take slightly over 2 weeks for me. Depending on when the order went out, weekends, etc..

    My orders from iTead or Seeed studio really depend on what kind of shipping I order. Their cheapest option can take from 1-3 months. Choosing a traditional carrier brings it down to a couple of weeks. I’ve only ordered there cheap shipping twice, and probably won’t do it again.

    I live in the north-east US.

    1. Wow, not my experience with Seeed at all — 3.0-3.5 weeks is normal from date of order to the knock on my California door with the sub-$5/free shipping. Did DHL once and it got here in 5+2.5 days for a not-totallly-unreasonable price.

      As @robert said, as long as you avoid Chinese holidays, that’s pretty normal. And this year an order right up against Chinese New Year didn’t take any extra time, ‘cept maybe a day or two. Last year it was a 2-3 week hit.

  4. I used BatchPCB two times in the past (3 years ago), mainly for prototyping. The fact that price depends linearly on size limits the production capabilities. The boards were of various dimensions (the biggest was about 15cm x 8cm, the smallest was a 2in square).
    It took about a month each time from order to delivery. The quality is good, I had no problem of any kind (but I route my tracks quite big, just in case..)

    I used SeeedStudio’s Fusion PCB service quite recently, for a prototype/preproduction board. I ordered a 10x5cm batch of 10 blue boards with 100% electrical testing, and I had the nice surprise to get 12 boards in the mail, in just less than two weeks. All that for around 36$, which was much cheaper than BatchPCB (and faster. And the boards are coloured). I guess the two supplemental board had a flaw, but I did not notice anything electrically wrong so far.
    I was worried for this design, as my bottom silkscreen layer had somehow failed in the Gerber generation process, and all the lines were stuck to zero width. But it actually turned out to look like what I expected (0 width lines are not ignored, hence worked correctly for me). The only flaw I found on these boards was some pads being covered with residues of HASL processing.

    Pictures of the boards (green ones are BatchPCB’s, blue are Seeed’s) are available here: (I guess there is no license on them, feel free to use them as you like).

    1. I live in France by the way..

      The BatchPCB processing time depends greatly on how full their pannelisation batch is when you place your order.. It took a week of shipping.

      Seeed’s processing time was about 3-4 days, then about 10 days of shipping.

  5. The last two panels I ordered from Gold Phoenix (BatchPCB uses them as a back end) took one week from order to delivery in the US. It’s $100 for 100 sq in… and for $20 extra you can put up to six designs on a single panel. Their quality has also improved markedly over the past year or so.

  6. Silkscreen layer problems with Seeed(login: guest pass : guestpass):
    by one of our members,Rob..
    “Looks like we have to be more careful with the silk screen layer. The dark spots on the paint are metallic residue. Now think what would happen if your artwork was very close to some line voltage pins. This board was made at Seeed and there are other boards with similar issue. Just FYI.”

  7. Moin

    A nice example of a ‘real world’ short on a Buspirate v4 :
    Or for people who can’t see it at first glance :

    It’s a good example who tricky faulty pcbs can get.
    I took me 2 day to find it. I disassembled half of the components back then.

    Feel free to use these 2 images under CC BY-SA.
    I have them in higher resolutions as well but they look ugly,
    since I did never photograph that spot of the pcb directly.
    I copied this from earlier photos that show the whole board.


  8. With DorkbotPCB, usually about 2 weeks. As mentioned above, it depends on timing/weekends. Laen’s turnaround time is about 9 days. He gets them out as soon as he can (that dude is amazing.)

  9. Using laen’s service (dorkbotpdx) It’s right around 2 weeks. The best part is it supports the USA. That is one of the more important factors for me.

  10. All my orders for the past year or so have been through laen’s Dorkbot PDX service. With one exception, I’ve received the boards in a little under 2 weeks. Normally I get them about 3-4 days after they’re shipped (from Portland, I live in NJ). The boards are always of excellent quality and finish.

    I ordered once last year from Batch PCB — it took about 5 weeks to get my order and the price was a bit higher than Dorkbot. The quality of the boards was quite good though (but not purple).

  11. I’ve processed ten designs through Itead in the past year. The average turn-around is one week for fabrication and 12 days for postal shipping, except for one order that was mistakenly shipped to Germany and then forwarded to me by the recipient. That took an extra month.

    I processed one order with Seeed. It took a bit less than a week to fabricate and two weeks to reach me by post.

  12. less than 5 days.

    I contact my supplier in China, then when the PCB’s are ready, I travel up to Fu Tin by bus and hand carry them whilst using the opportunity to go electronics shopping.

  13. Italy.

    Time from order to PCBs at my door.
    Dorkbot PDX USPS (fast or normal) > ~40 days
    Dorkbot PDX FedEx > 15 days (needs 44$ more)
    Seeestudio (cheapest shipping) > ~40 days (DHL/UPS) ~ 10 days (but you pay much for this)
    Local PCB factory (collected PCBs in person, no shipping) 7 days


  14. Who made the PCB?
    Dorkbot PDX

    How long did it take to ship to you?
    2 weeks and a half to Spain or UK

    Any special notes: non-US address, non-typical finishes, etc.
    Spain or UK

    Waiting for special black PCB’s from Itead, will post when I get (ordered yesterday).

  15. Prototron Circuits, Redmond, WA, and Tucson, AZ
    5 to 10 days
    I pick up the boards at their will-call
    They offer 18 different solder mask colors! Not 1, not 3, not 6, but 18.

      1. $300 or so for an order. Prototron is priced for professionals who need a break on the price of prototypes, but they’re not set up to handle the process where a gang of multiple hobby boards are placed on a panel together. That requires someone like DorkBot PDX or one of the many other, ultra-cheap hobby shops. I mentioned Prototron because I assume that some people need capabilities or even just colors that aren’t available at the dirt cheap price.

  16. I just ordered 2 sets of PCBs from Seeed which I created in Kicad. This is my second PCB order with them, but I won’t count the first order since that was right around the Chinese Spring Festival. I ordered the “default” configuration (HASL, 50% e-test, green soldermask, qty 10) in order to get it as quickly as possible. One PCB is 70 x 90 mm while the other is 20 x 40 mm. This time it took 5 days from Gerber acceptance to the shipment notification, and it took 6 days from shipment notification to the delivery. I chose the “EMS” shipping method, which is actually Global Express Mail. It seems like a pretty good compromise between price and shipping speed. I’ve been very happy with both of my orders from Seeed so far.

    1. Hi Jason, where are you located?? I’m in idaho and am looking for turn around and shipping times to that area.

  17. For what ever reason Laen(dorkbot PDX) has either not been getting my emails or has been ignoring me for the past year or so. but when I ordered from him the processing time was up to 2 weeks depending on where at in his “cycle” you go in, if you got in right before he submited the order to the board house then the processing time was only a few days, if you got in right after he submitted one, it could be up to 2 weeks or so. Shipping was 2-4 days depending on how lazy the mail people felt like being :P

    Here is a few images of a board I made a while back with him, the images are CC BY-SA on flickr:
    no issues with boards, i can’t say i’ve ever had a board come back from anywhere that wasn’t to my specs…..which means the board may or may not work depending on if I screwed it up.

    I have also ordered from ITead as well
    processing time: 2-5 days
    Shipping: 2-4 weeks I’ve had my orders all over the place in terms of time, just depends on time of year(holidays, lots of shopping(christmas) etc.) how “frisky” customs wants to get with your package. and the how lazy the post office/mail man is feeling. I have some recent boards I should either snap pics of of scan…. i’ll see if can do that

  18. i really like

    Who made the PCB?

    we did

    How long did it take to process?


    How long did it take to ship to you?

    one to two weeks (depending on service selected ) + 3-4 days ship

    Any special notes: non-US address, non-typical finishes, etc.

    black, green, red, white

    they take eagle files directly and are open to suggestions on improvments, they’re super fast to respond to emails i’ve found.

    I’ve yet to find a place that didn’t have slight drill offsets in vias

    i stopped using batchpcb because they were adding random silkscreen letters/numbers and it’d hit pads sometimes, also they’d just switch the process up without telling you, like going OSP and good luck getting decent support/answers. i like sparkfun but damn.

    itead are pretty good too.

  19. I have used Gold Phoenix before.
    Good service, answered all of my questions and provided me with assistance on submitting my gerbers, something i had never done before.
    Shipping was relatively fast < 2 weeks and was with FedEx
    I actually got an extra pannel thrown in, i have heard of this happening before but would not count on it for every order

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