Serial port monitor with 2×20 LCD and 4K text buffer

Kerry uses a DIY serial display to show debugging data sent from an Arduino’s UART. Sometimes the data comes too fast to read, so he added a 4K buffer and controls to scroll thorough the history.

…if your application generates a lot of messages, it would still be hard to spot the relevant information as you can only see the last couple of lines of the data.

So my solution is to add a none-volatile off-screen buffer to the serial display so that multiple rows of data can be captured during run time and retained for later debugging.

This would be a handy tool for any serial debugging work.

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  1. Why not just use a secondary FTDI RS232 to USB adaptor and use your debugging computer to deal with the messages via a secondary Terminal program.
    Not only do you save a load of time setting it up, but there are no speed issues.

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